5 Steps to a Successful Show

Step 1:  Over-invite

  • Educate your hostess: plan to over invite.  Normally, 1/3 of those invited will attend
  • Ask each guest to bring a friend & receive a free gift or be entered into a drawing for a free gift

Step 2:  Three Contacts with Your Guests

  • Have your hostess call or email and personally invite each guest
  • Have your hostess return the guest list to you within 72 hours.  You can mail invitations to your guest 7-10 days before the show.  Alternatively, you can create an event on Facebook and have your hostess invite them there.
  • Have your hostess call or email all of the guest who have not replied 1-2 days before the show to see if they are planning to attend

Step 3:  Outside Orders

  • Challenge your hostess -receive a free gift for _________ or more in outside orders (or five outside orders) before the show.

Step 4:  Bookings

  • Challenge your hostess:  secure at least one booking before your show to receive _____ (percentage of show sales, a free gift, a 1/2 price item, etc
  • Play the envelope game - have them choose from envelopes with the change to win inside.  Some win a free gift, or a 1/2 off gift, some win a girls night with a free gift or inventive.

Step 5:  Refreshments

  • Keep it simple!  A few refreshments and appetizers.

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