The Importance of Door Prize Slips

As a new consultant just starting to do shows, the door prize slip (or client information sheet) is one your best tools for securing future bookings, identifying recruit leads, and getting referrals. It's fun and easy . . . and more importantly, it helps you ask your guests the right questions and move your show in the right direction. Which is to do what? Get bookings!

The three to five minutes you spend guiding your guests through the completion of the slips may well be the most important part of your entire show! Not only will you have an accurate record of who attended the show, as well as vital information about each guest and his/her level of interest in your products and programs for follow-up purposes, but you will also expand your business through increased sales, future bookings and recruiting.

Some consultants feel that the drawing should be done at the conclusion of the shopping period, while others find that passing the slips out at the beginning of the show and conducting the actual drawing after the booking or recruiting talk works better for them. [Please consult your company manual for additional information.]

The timing of the drawing is not nearly as important as the actual questions you ask or the information you solicit from the guests. Whether or not you use the slips to conduct a drawing, the information you gather about your guests is extremely valuable.

Wish List

Some people prefer to work with a wish list. This is a section at the top or bottom of the questionnaire where guests can list their favorite items as they see them during the presentation. This wish list expedites order taking after the show and provides additional information for follow-up purposes later. [Always refer to your company’s training manual for recommendations on this subject. If your company does not furnish some sort of form to gather guest information, please use the ideas provided to design one that works for you.]

Keep it simple and keep it fun! Interject your own personality and sense of humor as you go through the questions with your show guests. Your goal is to establish a rapport with each one as you line up future bookings and interest in your business opportunity.

To ensure that every guest completes the slip, read through the questions for them, asking them to complete the questionnaire together. If allowed to complete these forms on their own, most guests will gravitate toward the negative responses or simply leave the questions blank.

Ask the right questions

You’ve heard the adage: "If you ask the right questions, you’ll usually get the right answers." There has never been a more important time to ask the right questions than during the door-prize presentation.

Begin by displaying a beautifully wrapped gift while saying, "It’s time to give away a very special prize. Please refer to the drawing slips I have given you, and fill in your name, address and phone number at the top of the sheet. When you’re finished, please stop and we’ll go through the questions together."

When properly worded, the questions on this door prize slip can virtually lead the way to obtaining bookings, recruit leads and referrals. To encourage your guests to complete the entire questionnaire, simply add, "In order to be eligible to win this beautiful prize, you must answer every single question, okay?" Before you begin your questions, a word to the wise: Except for the first question, only offer "yes" and "maybe" as possible answers. In most instances, a maybe can be turned into a yes, so accentuate the positive!

Question 1:  I enjoyed the show/presentation/product display. Yes or no.

This first question is an excellent opportunity for you to offer something funny or lively about answering and it sets a positive tone for the remainder of the questions on the drawing slip. You can set the mood with a quip such as, "I’ll help you with the first question... the correct answer is: Y-E-S."

Question 2:  My favorite item is . . .

Ask your guests, "Imagine that you have an unlimited budget, what item(s) do you like best?" The response to this question is important because it can create follow-up booking opportunities long after the show has taken place.

Question 3: Would you be interested in receiving free products for having your own show? 

A great way to guide the guests through this question is by saying:

 "When you say "yes" to this question,  I can almost guarantee that you will be able to receive absolutely free whatever you listed as your favorite item(s) on Question 2, AND you will help (your hostess) receive additional gifts. I encourage each and every one of you to answer "yes" to this question. If you are undecided, write "maybe."

This is also an excellent time to introduce (or reintroduce) your hostess program. Use the "why in the world wouldn't you want to have a show?" approach. 

Don’t be afraid to let potential hostesses know that you’re trying to fill your date book or trying to win a special contest. Most people will help if they can, and by using this technique you may get bookings and sales long after that particular show is over.

Question 4: Would you like to be put on a mailing list, get my cool e-newsletter, and be kept up-to-date on the latest products and/or upcoming events?  When a guest answers "yes" to this question, she is giving you "permission" to contact her at a future time to introduce any new product lines or special sales, or to invite her to future hostess- and customer-appreciation events.

Question 5: Would you be interested in learning more about becoming a consultant with our company? This is the time when you tell your story. Be excited! Share how you got started, what it has done for you, the awards you have won and what you have done with the money you’ve earned. Talk about how easy it is to get started and ask who would like to eliminate one monthly bill from their budget.

Sell them on the "try idea" by say:

"If you’d like an information packet to take home with you tonight, say yes to Question 5 and I’d be happy to send you home with one. "

Then add:

"If you know of someone who might be interested . . . a friend or co-worker who loves (your product) or who has direct-selling experience or who needs extra money, please write their name(s) and phone number(s) and you’ll receive a special referral gift."

And the winner is . . .

If you're doing a drawing during the show, you can collect the drawing slips right away. Otherwise, you can ask your guests to hand in their door-prize slips with their orders. Whichever method you prefer, make sure you have the opportunity to talk to each guest one-on-one about booking a show and joining the business.

If you do a drawing during the show, after you’ve done your drawing, discreetly go through the sheets and see who has marked "yes" or "maybe" to booking. Approach those who marked "yes" first to secure a date for their show. Do not allow a guest who has marked "yes" on her/his slip to leave without securing a date.

Next, approach those who have marked "maybe." A good opening could be something like, "So, Karen, you’re thinking about having a show. Generally speaking, which night of the week would be best for you?" It is vitally important that you secure the dates for your future bookings that night. 

When closing the orders, remind each guest how easy it is to have a show. You can say something like:

"So, Karen, were you able to get everything you wanted tonight? (Wait for response) Well, I'd really like you to consider having a show and getting those additional items for free or at a discount. It's fun and easy!"

The Fortune is In the Follow Up

Go through your drawing slips immediately after the show and make special notes about each guest, such as "buying a new home next month" or "getting married in June." When you follow up with a phone call at a later time, this information can help you remember the individual and build immediate rapport.

Each month, go through your slips and make follow-up phone calls. You might say:

"I wanted to let you know that your favorite item is on sale this month."


"I’m calling to let you know that your favorite ensemble is our hostess special this month. Why don’t you get a few friends together and get it free? "

Right on the slip you have all the information you need to personalize your customer service and assist them with getting more of the items that interest them, as well as help them book a show with you or get more information on your business opportunity.

This simple little customer information slip could well be the most important piece of literature you ever use in your business.  When used correctly and paired with consistent follow up, it can help you generate more growth and success than you could ever imagine. The true winner will be . . . you!

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