Be Service Minded

Wouldn’t it be nice if your friends and customers came to YOU to do business instead of running away whenever you bring up the subject? This will happen when you take the time to SERVE instead of SELL. Building relationships, offering free tips and ideas and finding out what product or service would best fill their needs are all things that will draw people to you and your business. 

Want to know if you are focused on SERVICE or SALES? Take a look at your posts on Social Media. Are they focused on YOU or on how you can make someone else’s life better

Here are some examples…

Sales-Minded (the focus is on YOU)

I am so excited about my new business and need 6 hosts to help me get started. Will you help me out?

I only need $50 more to reach a personal goal this month. Contact me to order!

And my personal favorite… 

I have to sell ____ more dollars to stay active with my company so please place an order on my website!

Yes, these are posts I see direct sellers making on a regular basis. So I can only image what wording they are using when they talk to someone on the phone or in person. Notice how many times the word “me” and “my” were used? That’s a good sign that you are not focusing enough on service.

If you thought Direct Sales was all about selling products, I’m happy to inform you that it’s so much more. It’s about changing lives – both the lives of others and your own. When you embrace that reality, you will have a much greater impact on those you touch through your business. And the more you impact, the greater impact it will have on you as you create the life you desire. The sooner you catch THAT vision, the more likely you will be focused on service instead of sales. 

Take some time to think about how your product, service or business will benefit others. That is what you want to communicate as you connect with people. Here are some examples of the CORRECT way to post on Social Media…

Service-Minded (the focus is on THEM)

Have you ever wondered how to choose clothing that best fits your body type? If so, I’d love share some helpful tips. It’s amazing how the right outfit will increase your confidence!

Struggling with what to make for dinner? Message me for some quick & simply meals that will help you get dinner on the table faster than you can go through the drive-thru.

Have a drawer full of make-up you don’t wear? What if you could create a variety of looks with some simple basics? Message me to learn about the Top 5 must-have essentials for creating any look. 

Notice how these examples all start with a question? Getting others to relate to a NEED helps you focus on how to best connect with that customer. You may have also noticed that these three posts are focused on providing something valuable instead of immediately asking for something in return. Do you still invite them to purchase, host or join your team? Of course! But, people will be more likely to do business with someone who focuses on their needs instead of always “asking for the sale”.

There is another benefit to being focused on serving others. By focusing on how your products, host program or business opportunity will benefit THEIR life; you won’t feel like you are pressuring anyone to do something. Instead, you’ll be sharing your excitement with them like you would tell a friend about a new coffee shop or movie. So it eliminates that feeling that someone is “doing you a favor”. Instead, you’ll ASSUME they want what you are offering, because you are focused on them instead of yourself.


  • Laura Dodd

    Good mind changer. Guess that would include something like staying in a casual mode even when they don’t reschedule——-

  • kim

    Thank you!! I was one of the “i” people but after reading this article I will definitely be using a whole different approach in my customer service.

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