Coaching Your Host To Excitement

Your host wants to have a successful evening even more than you do — after all, you’re investing your working hours in them, but they’re investing their very limited recreational hours in you. Plus, their trusting you to help her create a fun evening for their friends. That’s an important fact, which I come back to later in this chapter.

To help your hosts have successful evenings, in their eyes and your own, you need to give them some encouragement and instruction. Host coaching is an integral part of your business. It can literally make or break what happens at your party. It is your responsibility to coach your host on how to achieve success at her party. You don’t have to spend a lot of time coaching your host, but it is important to connect with them and pay close attention to the details.

The most important reasons we coach our hosts is to keep them excited, and engaged. They also want to be informed, knowing what to expect. This builds trust and a strong partnership with your hosts, which typically leads to increased bookings and sales, as well as repeat business.

The more excited they are, the more their guests will be excited, and the better the attendance will be. The more engaged your hosts become, the more motivated they’ll be to make the party a success. The more information your hosts have, the more they can prepare and the more they feel included in the process.

It’s important to build excitement for your host. Why? Because excitement is contagious. If you are excited, your host will be excited and her guests will be excited.

Here are some examples of what to say to your host:

“I can’t wait to meet your friends!”

“Your friends are going to love you for having everyone over for a fun night of shopping.”

“There’s nothing better than a night in with your friends shopping for amazing products.”

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