Are you looking for...

  • an inspirational speaker to motivate your sales force?
  • trainer to teach your field to increase sales, bookings and recruiting; provide coaching; and promote to the next level?
  • corporate consultant who understands your company’s culture and can help you implement cutting-edge programs?

Belinda Ellsworth is more than just a speaker. Because of her wealth of experience in the direct sales world she can address a wide variety of issues. She can help you with any number of direct sales matters, including:

~ Personal consulting for in-house executives (hourly, daily, monthly or ongoing) ~ Assistance in creating a “Quick Start” program, complete with a step-by-step training guide for consultants~ Writing, including training manuals, leadership guides, handouts, audio and video scripts, and catalog descriptions~ Field communications, including incentive fliers and brochures~ Catalog descriptions; audio/video training scripts~ Analysis of current training materials and necessary recommendations~ Compensation programs (analysis and recommendations)~ Mentoring company executives with minimal direct sales background~ Providing start-up companies with general advice on building a direct sales company from the ground up~ Other customizable areas of interest

Belinda is the answer to sustainable growth within your company!

Whether your company is new or already established, Belinda’s unique understanding of the industry will provide you with the consulting support you need to maximize success!   Our corporate consulting services are designed to optimize current business practices, develop infrastructure or programs to increase revenues.   For the past several decades, Belinda’s advice has helped companies achieve targeted sales and growth goals. She will collaborate with you to create a sustainable and profitable customized solution for your company.

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Zec at or 931-525-3552