Your Facebook Questions Answered!

Thank you for posting your questions on our Facebook Page! Here are the answers to your questions...

1. What is the best way to host - group or event?

Event! Definitely event. And I will tell you why - Many consultants were opting for groups because they could add people into the group without needing their permission. Events on the other hand, you send an invitation and people need to accept it.

I can see why people were opting for groups but the thing is, no one wants to be forced into anything. Would you ambush someone's home and force them to look at your products?! No!

And Facebook doesn't want this either. Facebook has been cracking down on groups because people are reporting it as spam and because they never have permission to be added to the group.

And spam means Facebook Jail. And no one wants to be there.

Treat your Facebook parties like home parties, coach your host to invite her friends and keep them engaged!


2. What is the best day and time to post on Facebook?

It really depends but typically 9pm gets the most hits. I suggest posting once a day. The trick isn't as much when to post - but what to post. If you are getting engagement on your posts then more and more people will see it - regardless of the time.


3. What is the best way to promote the opportunity on Facebook?

By sharing the benefits and your new lifestyle! Erase "join my team" from your posts. Show what the business has done for you and how it has changed your life. Ie. Pay off debt, take a vacation, pay for dance lessons, the friendships you make, etc.


4. How do you get people to come and participate in a Facebook party?

How do you get people to attend a home party? Hostess coaching! Don't leave it up to your host to gather her friends online by herself. Help her through the invitation process - e-vites, texts and phone calls. Treat it like a regular party.

To increase engagement make sure you ask questions, have your host comment on every post and have a little giveaway for participation. This doesn't need to be anything big - but the extra incentive will help encourage their attendance at the party.


5. Should I have a business page or group?

I would suggest having both. A business page is where you want to share everything about your business. You want to build a base of fans that look to you for advice, tips and interesting facts or stories. This is the place for people to get to know your brand and your opportunity to connect with them.

A group is great for bringing together a certain demographic of people who are looking for the same thing. For example, have groups for your team and one for VIP hostesses. In your team pages you will focus on recognition, training and company information. In your VIP hostesses group you could post first dibs on dates, upcoming hostess specials and new theme parties. Make your past hosts feel special!

Stay away from adding (forcing) people into groups to share everything about your business. Again, this is where people will mark you as spam and you will end up in Facebook Jail.


6. I want to host through my business page but it makes the event public. What do you suggest?

This question has a double edged sword.

I would say do both but for different reasons.

Host  public events through your page for your own parties or product launches. Having these parties public is a pro, not a con. When you have something exciting to launch you want as many people to see your event/party as possible.

I would still suggest holding hour customers and hostesses events through your personal page. Add your hostess to your Facebook and invite her to the party. She can go ahead and add her friends from there.

Making a party public is not horrible but you can get people in there that the host doesn't know or you'll get other consultants who are using it as a training opportunity (which also isn't bad!). People are more likely to engage freely if they know that the world isn't watching.


7. How can I sell my services without a sales pitch?

Same as a product! Don't sell the service - sell the benefits. Why should they want it? Why do they need it? Give testimonials and talk about the experience - stay away from descriptive selling.


8. What is the best way to engage people without paying to boost a post?

Interesting content and posts that require information. Think about what people share and post things that fit into that category.

Also ask questions. Ask people to LIKE If they agree or Comment below to answer a question. People love knowing their opinion is being heard.

Anytime someone interacts with your post whether that's likes, comments or shares - Facebook flags your content as interesting and pushes it into the newsfeed.


9. Should I have a business page or personal page?

Both! Keep your business page filled with interesting content that your fans want to see. Use your personal page to lead people towards there.

On both platforms you want to build your brand, engage with people and build relationships.

Business pages do not get flagged for spam with posts like personal pages do. So try to keep your product posts to your business page.

Your personal page should function as a way to build friendships, likability and trust.


10.  What is the best way to stay out of Facebook Jail? (Facebook "Jail" is when Facebook restricts your account for a certain amount of time.)

More and more direct sales consultants are landing in Facebook Jail.

Why? Because Facebook thinks you're spammers.

Here are ways to stay out of jail and stop being labelled as a spammer:

A. Create custom content. If Facebook notices one certain image or wording is being using too many times across personal profiles, these images and posts get marked as spam. Post too many times - jail.

B. Don't add people you don't know to Facebook. If you start to add people you don't know and people mark you as someone they don't actually know Facebook will flag you. If it happens too many times - jail.

C. Don't add too many people at once to your page, profile or events. If you go on an adding frenzy Facebook assumes you're not a real person. Add too many people at once, too often - Jail.

D. Too many groups. Are you in too many groups? Facebook assumes you couldn't possibly be interested in that many things. So they assume your purpose in the group is to spam. So if you're in too many groups - jail.

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