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News — Social Media

Using Periscope to Expand Your Business, Share Your Passion and Attract Like-Minded People

Belinda Ellsworth

Tags Social Media, Technology

Periscope is one of the hottest new social media apps available and it is focused totally on live video. This means, instead of recording a video of yourself at home and uploading it to YouTube or Facebook to share with your fans, you are able to invite people right then to watch you present on whatever topic. The great thing about this is that having a set time scheduled for your fans increases engagement. Why? Think of a home party vs. an open house.  Home parties typically have higher engagement because there is a set time, and thus more accountability...

Your Facebook Questions Answered!

Belinda Ellsworth

Tags Facebook, Social Media

Thank you for posting your questions on our Facebook Page! Here are the answers to your questions... 1. What is the best way to host - group or event? Event! Definitely event. And I will tell you why - Many consultants were opting for groups because they could add people into the group without needing their permission. Events on the other hand, you send an invitation and people need to accept it. I can see why people were opting for groups but the thing is, no one wants to be forced into anything. Would you ambush someone's home and force...

Social Media Tip - Share at the Best Times

Belinda Ellsworth

Tags Social Media

Wondering when you should post to your social media accounts? There may not an exact best time to post, but data analytics research has found the optimum times to post on various platforms. We have found that there are three peaks for when women tend to be online on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These peaks are from 9 -10 AM (after kids go to school), between 1 & 4 PM (afternoon naps, breaks from work) and 9 - 11 PM (lying in bed on their phone or tablet).   We have found that many women are on social media late at night.  ...