Using Periscope to Expand Your Business, Share Your Passion and Attract Like-Minded People

Periscope is one of the hottest new social media apps available and it is focused totally on live video. This means, instead of recording a video of yourself at home and uploading it to YouTube or Facebook to share with your fans, you are able to invite people right then to watch you present on whatever topic.

The great thing about this is that having a set time scheduled for your fans increases engagement. Why? Think of a home party vs. an open house. 

Home parties typically have higher engagement because there is a set time, and thus more accountability on people with their attendance. When you have an open house and give people the option to stop by when its convenient for them, many times, some of your attendees don’t show up at all – because they keep pushing it and pushing it until finally their interest has moved on to something else. This is the same for video. Often times, people will tell themselves, “I’ll watch that later” and really never get around to it.

Periscope gives people a time they can schedule into their calendar to listen to you speak, present or demonstrate. But you also have the ability to save your broadcast to your camera roll on your phone so you can post it later to Facebook or YouTube, which enables your fans to share your video across their social media platforms (and we all know that this the key to organic reach on Facebook).

Many direct sellers are utilizing this new platform for tutorials and training. It’s a great way to demonstrate your products, show off your knowledge in your industry and connect with your team. Think make-up tutorials, mini cooking shows and so on.

We don’t see online parties becoming extremely popular on this because there isn’t much space for open communication among all people involved. On the app, guests do have the option to post comments to you while you are speaking, but they quickly disappear. We are going to do more research on how this could be utilized for sales – I’m thinking highlighting a product or products and referring them to your website (which you can add in the about section of your profile).

Periscope is utilized with your Twitter account, or you can set one up through there if you don’t have Twitter. If you have a particular username that you use on your social media platforms, I suggest reserving it by signing up on social media apps as soon as they pop up. Even if you don’t have any intention of using the platform in the long run, it at least secures your username if you ever so choose to incorporate it into your business marketing.

Want to know more about Periscope? Ask us questions in the comment section and we’ll answer them!

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