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Using Periscope to Expand Your Business, Share Your Passion and Attract Like-Minded People

Belinda Ellsworth

Tags Social Media, Technology

Periscope is one of the hottest new social media apps available and it is focused totally on live video. This means, instead of recording a video of yourself at home and uploading it to YouTube or Facebook to share with your fans, you are able to invite people right then to watch you present on whatever topic. The great thing about this is that having a set time scheduled for your fans increases engagement. Why? Think of a home party vs. an open house.  Home parties typically have higher engagement because there is a set time, and thus more accountability...

Getting the Most out of your Smartphone

Lydia Martin

Tags Technology

Written by Lydia Martin Step Into Success ----------------------------------------------------- According to Wikipedia, a smartphone is a mobile device with an advanced mobile operating system. This means it has the capability to benefit and assist you in a variety of ways all from a portable device. So how are you currently using your smartphone? Is it mostly for calls, texting, checking Facebook and seeing what time it is? Maybe you are using it for your fitness goals, to track calories and making grocery store lists, but how are you using it for your business? Is it helping you with communication, organization, scheduling,...